Vasato Sports Adjustable Hip, Resistance – Booty Bands

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Product Features – suitable for plus size, adjustable for more variation and resistance, Durable Fabric, Built in Elasticity, Non- slip Grip.
Package includes : A set of 3 level resistance bands + mesh carrying bag. 
  • Light-32lbs-light grey
  • Medium-50lbs-dark grey
  • Heavy-70lbs- Black
Length – Each band is 94cm in length

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

These Vasato Sports Adjustable Hip Resistance Bands :
  • are suitable for plus size people.
  • adjustment buckle allows you add more variation and resistance to your exercise routines.
  • are Ideal for improving strength and mobility.
  • help add glute activation to your workout routine .
  • can be used for a variety of exercises such as hip band squats, hip band leg press, hip thrusts,jumping Jack’s and many more.
  • have a non-Slip Design: Made from a combination of fabric and latex. The inner non-slip grip design ensures the band stays in place and does not roll up or pinch during exercise.
  • are light weight, and can be easily carried to the gym, used at home and are also ideal for use while traveling.

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