Vasato Sports Waist Trimmer Sweat Wrap With Pocket


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Our Vasato Sports Tummy Trimmer Sweat wraps is designed to help tone and trim you belly fat faster. All you have to do is put on the belt, and do your exercise. The full coverage belt made with non-toxic SBR rubber will cause you to break out more sweat as you move. The wrap can be worn during any workout routine or other moderate, medium or high impact physical activity.

Product Features and Details
  • Vasato sports heat activation belly wraps allows you begin the fat burning process around your abdomen by sweating more, quicker and harder. 
  • waterproof lining repels sweat from reaching your outer garment through the wrap. 
  • unisex belts can be used by both male and female.
  • the belt  is longer and higher, giving you more torso coverage . 
  • pocket allows you store your hand held/portable mobile device or small size valuables without falling out.
  • one size fits all. Our wrap is long enough and suitable for even plus sizes.
  • Durable Fabric, Built in high Elasticity,  light weight and portable, sturdy velcro design helps hold the wrap in place .
**Package includes : 1 tummy trimming sweat wrap.  
**Measurement – 22* 120cm
Please note : For effective weight-loss, exercise/physical activity should be accompanied with a healthy diet. Please consult your physical regarding your health needs.

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