Who We Are

Hey! I’m Olatunde. But you can call me Ola, or Tundegirl (until I turn 40) . I’m a mother to 2 and a wife to 1. I’m an artist, artiste, self trained chef, TV show host, public speaker and a certified addiction therapist. 

The word Vasato is of a great significance to me and my love life.. It represents all that I LOVE. So feel free to shop our brand knowing that all the products that will be offered to you are made with love.  From sporting, to household items…..Yes ! VASATO means Is “made with love”

As a Mother

and My Fitness Journey

As a mother,  I’ve grown to witness the struggles of everyone with aging , especially women, as as a woman and mother myself I’ve seen exactly why these struggles are there. People talk about depression, self esteem issues, self care,  the pressure and need to fit into the popular picture of what a responsible mother should look like and end up ignoring the important aspects where their health is involved. It is bad enough that aging and stress plays a big  role in our physical appearance.  As a woman , I’ve learned that things like fitness, and weight loss become more challenging as we age, and also mostly because we make it a chore,, or this big exam we have to study for and pass. As a woman myself,after having explored so many crash courses in weight loss ( from starvation diet to sh*t teas) , I’ve finally settled for a healthy feeding plan which is perfect as a way of life feeding and living pattern.

A little bit about my fitness journey….
I had my first daughter in 2016, and I shrunk back to below my pregnancy weight 8 weeks after.. I was so excited and thought this is how it should be.. After that, I just lived life and let myself go.. And yes! I added a lot of weight back on.. 3 years later,, i had my 2nd daughter and life hit me harder, because the weight wouldn’t go away.  

Now did I tell you that I’ve always been SKINNY, even though I always thought I was FAT. I only say that now that I compare my pictures from Now and Then. (How ungrateful of me …lol) .

To cut the long story short, now I’ve found my bearing and a perfect plan that would work for every man and woman.
…..So let me ask you, are you looking to learn new healthy habits to improve your overall appearance and performance ??? If yes, your results are just an email away. You can reach out to me